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Best Burgers in California

We've posted about In-N-Out and it's true, we do love their burgers, but we know they aren't the only burger place in California. We thought we'd welcome the coming of summer by compiling a list of the best burger places in California to get your mouth watering and to give you some possible road trip destinations.

Best Burgers in California

Etna Brewery, Etna

Enjoy a local brew and a fantastic burger at this Northern California local favorite. You can go old-school with a cheese burger or kick it up a notch with their well known Ortega Burger! Flickr by Zane Mulligan Flickr by Zane Mulligan

Burgers & Brew, Sacramento

Grab a brew. Grab a burger.  Grab some friends and head on over to Burgers & Brew in Sacramento. With award winning brews and burgers (we're talking Best Burger in Yolo county!), you can't go wrong. Flickr by Angelo DeSantis Flickr by Angelo DeSantis

Pearl's Deluxe Burgers, San Francisco

The Yelp enthusiasts dub Pearl's Deluxe burgers to have one of the best burgers in California! Check it out for yourself and see if you agree. Flickr by hermitsmoores Flickr by hermitsmoores

Super Duper Burgers, San Francisco

They boast "Fast food burgers, slow food values" and what could be better than that? Everything's all natural and a lot of what they offer is made right there in the shop. Hop on over and check it out. Flickr  by wEnDy Flickr by wEnDy

Zuni Cafe, San Francisco

Hidden amidst an impressive menu, you may not initially think of Zuni Cafe as a "burger place" but if what we're hearing is right, they offer an amazing (albeit high-end) burger! Flicker by Jason Hamner Flicker by Jason Hamner

Burger Lunge, Tahoe

Another Yelp reviewers favorite, this burger joint is the place to be this summer if you're in the Tahoe area. Make sure you come prepared to take your time selecting because they have an impressive lists of burgers to choose from. Flickr by Lauren Flickr by Lauren

Hook Burger Bistor, Southern California Locations

The minute you take a bike of a Hook burger, you're sure to be hooked ;) We also love that they support many different causes. This is an all-around great burger place and definitely a great addition to your summer list. Flickr by Doran Flickr by Doran

Get the Burger, Big Bear

This home-grown burger place is a classic and just what you need whether you're enjoying summer hiking and tanning at the lake or shredding the slopes in the winter! Flickr by Jennifer Flickr by Jennifer

Lucky's Tavern, Hollywood

Lucky's boasts "made from scratch - artisan burgers" and is a prime spot for great beer and great burgers! Burger-Diablo From Lucky's Tavern

Umami, San Francisco and Southern California

With the trademark "U" stamped onto the top of their buns, Umami is in a class all its own. With many locations in Southern California and the bay area, you have no excuse to avoid a satisfying and delicious trip to Umami soon (today maybe?). Flicker by Larry Flickr by Larry

The Father's Office, Los Angeles

This Gastropub created by Chef Sang Yoon features their most popular burger, the "Office Burger". It's also a great place for beer with an European influenced atmosphere. Good burger on a crunchy roll Flickr by Daremoshiranai

Stout, Los Angeles

Stout offers affordable burgers to discerning Los Angeles foodies. Make a trek to discover their amazing gruyere and blue cheese burger toppings among other additions that make these burgers delicious  and some of the best burgers in California. Flickr by Drew Hubbard-Ben Waters Flickr by Drew Hubbard-Ben Waters

Mom's Burgers, Compton

They aren't healthy, and maybe sometimes they look a little overwhelming, but Mom's Burgers will knock your socks off! They are a must-have! 5483050502_8868595926 From LA Weekly

Burger Boss, Riverside & Corona

With the option to order on line, natural ingredients, gluten free options, and so much more, how could we not put Burger Boss on a best burgers in California list? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Flickr by Gabriel Amadeus

Dave's Burgers, Long Beach

At 4.5 starts on Yelp, you know that Dave's Burgers is the place to be! It's small and out of the way, but definitely worth a stop if you're in the Long Beach area. l From Yelp by Louie B.

Rocky's Crown Pub, San Diego

The first thing you'll see on their website is this claim, " Welcome to Rocky's, home of the best burgers in San Diego" - couldn't get any clearer than that, could you? But their legend goes beyond just their website! Any local will tell you they've got what it takes to make the list of the best burgers in California! 9186611131_a9a2771712_k Flickr by Kirk K

Did we miss your favorite burger place? Tell us about it in the comments below!   Cover Photo from Flickr by James Source: Yelp, Thrillist, LA Weekly, We Be Trippin'

When Things Get Shaking: Earthquake Proofing Your California Home

When things get shaking here in California the biggest question you need to ask is: Is your home earthquake-ready? We'd like to provide some great tips and procedures to help in earthquake proofing your California home. Earthauake Proofing Los Angeles Flicker - J J Those of us down in Southern California have recently been experiencing a little earth-moving fun, and though the small quakes hardly do much damage [see a funny video of an overreaction here] there is the potential that larger quakes could follow. The best way to live without worry is to live prepared.

Earthquake Proofing Your Home


It's no fun thinking that you may need to have your house or building inspected, but when it comes to the structure you live in, being up to code an prepared is 100% worth it. Some key areas that will need to be assessed are your homes foundation, anchoring (where the walls are secured to the foundation), walls, main lines for gas, water, and electricity, as well as your water heater (source: We recommend checking out the Seismic Safety Commission website for more helpful information that is specific to California. Earthquake Proofing Los Angeles Flickr - Jens H.

The Small Stuff

We're always told not to sweat the small stuff, but in this case, paying attention to the little details in your home could save you a lot of trouble should you experience an earthquake. Here is a list of items to consider securing to the wall:
  • Bookcases
  • Televisions
  • Top-heavy or tall furniture (armories, entertainment centers, dressers)
  • Refrigerators and other large kitchen appliances
Earthquak Proofing California Flickr - Jeremy Levine Here is a list of items you should consider moving or altering:
  • Large or heavy items placed on top shelves (move to lower shelves)
  • Adding latches to kitchen cabinet drawers
  • Heavy or large wall art above beds (move away from bed)
When you can single out these potential issue areas, a few quick fixes will mean a world of difference should things start to shake.

Earthquake Kit

Being prepared goes past evaluating your home or living space. When you've got a handy earthquake kit ready, you can rest easy knowing that you're prepared no matter what. These items could come in handy in other situations as well so it's a win-win. Earthquake Proofing California Flickr - Kristian Niemi Suggested Earthquake Proofing Kit items:
  • Water - Store a pack of water bottles (recommended 3 day supply) and calculate a ration of four quarts per person per day at minimum.
  • Food - In this case, canned goods are a great way to go (don't forget the can opener!). You should also consider snacks and calorie-heavy foods such as peanut butter, granola, oatmeal, protein bars, nuts, and whole-grain crackers.
  • Medicine - Have a backup supply of any necessary medicines just in case.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Additional clothing
  • Blankets
  • Flashlights & batteries (consider investing in a phone battery charger for emergency calls or to check the earthquake app for information)
  • Simple tools (wrench to turn off gas etc.)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Essential documents stored in a safe recommends purchasing a large trashcan with a waterproof lid to store all of your earthquake proofing items in. Check out their site for additional information on making your own kit. Earthquake Proofing Sunset Flickr - Joe Burke We hope these tips help you to feel confident and secure that, no matter what happens, you can be assure you're earthquake proofing is complete. Living worry free in California is always the way to go!

Sources: Earthquake Safety & Survival and How Stuff Works Cover Photo from Flickr by Paree

Fishing For The Best Fish Tacos This Side Of The Border

After a long day at the beach, nothing hits the spot like fish tacos with a splash of lime and cilantro. Thinking ahead to summer, we've decided to search out the best fish taco places we can find in Southern California. We recommend grabbing a group of friends and picking a location that's near you to enjoy some fantastic food in good company.

Best Fish Tacos this Side of the Border

Andria’s Seafood Restaurant & Market

Located up in Oxnard, Ca Andria's is a local staple for seafood of all kinds including some of the best fish tacos! The location is small and nestled next to the Ventura harbor but don't be fooled by the limited space. Andria's is usually packed from opening until closing.

Best Fish Tacos

Best Fish Taco In Ensenada

If you're anywhere near Hollywood we have the perfect place for you and the name says it all, "Best Fish Taco In Ensenada."  They boast tacos that are "The closest thing to standing on a beach in Baja" (website). Why travel all the way to Mexcio when you could have a great fish taco here? Rated with 4 starts on Yelp this is definitely the place to go!

Senor Fish

The crazy and eclectic Senor Fish is a great option for tasty fish tacos. The original restaurant has been around since 1988 and is still going strong today in four different locations in Southern California. A menu under $10 makes this a great first date location! Best Fish Tacos From herviewfromhome

Ricky's Fish Tacos

Rated with 4.5 stars on Yelp, Ricky's Fish Tacos located in East Hollywood is said to have "the best fish tacos" by many of its patrons. With great prices (all under $10) you cannot go wrong by checking out this hole-in-the-wall.

Bear Flag Fish Company

If you ask the press, this is THE place to go in Newport Beach if you are searching out that perfect fish taco. According to Food Beast, Bear Flag Fish Company has the, "Freshest fish taco's in Orange County." I don't know about you, but that's a great recommendation! Best Fish Tacos Flickr-eatlivetravelwrite

Long Beach Fish Grill

Another highly rated restaurant on Yelp (4.5 starts) the Long Beach Fish Grill is a great location to settle down after riding the waves to drink a beer and enjoy some tasty fish tacos.

Harbor Fish & Chips

Heading down to San Diego? Take a detour to Harbor Fish & Chips located in Oceanside Harbor and rated with 4 stars from Yelp! This little restaurant has had it's share of media coverage for its authentic fish and chips as well as its fish tacos. The view is spectacular and the food is great, what more could you want? Best Fish Tacos Flickr-Carolyn McCaffrey

The Fish Market

With locations ranging from Palo Alto to San Diego, The Fish Market is a great place to find seafood of all kinds including the coveted fish tacos! It may not be an 'off the beaten track' type of restaurant, but the additional selections will keep your taste buds entertained time and time again. Best Fish Tacos Flickr-Ian Lee

Did we miss your favorite fish taco spot? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover photo from Lieslicious

Blast From The Past: Best California Based TV Shows We All Remember

We've compiled a list of some of the best California based TV shows from the past that we probably all remember. Whether you were a fan of reruns or liked to stay current with shows during high school, this list of the best California based TV shows will likely spark your memory. So, slip into your legwarmers or bell bottoms, add some frizz and volume to your hair, and take a step back as we enjoy a blast from the past!

Best California Based TV Shows

The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-1971)

This show is an oldie, but definitely a goodie! The Beverly Hillbillies depicts a quirky, redneck family that is transplanted into the heart of Beverly Hills after striking it rich in oil. This beloved old show ranked in the top twenty for most watched shows for the first eight seasons (source).

Best California TV Shows

The Brady Bunch (1969-1974)

What happens when a man with three boys and a woman with three girls fall in love? Well, the Brady Bunch of course! This classic California based TV show aired for five seasons but has since been syndicated and many Brandy Bunch movies have also been made.

Best California TV Shows From Larryfire.files

Charlie's Angels (1976-1981)

You may be familiar with the movie version of this show that came out in 2000 featuring top list actresses like Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu, but before the movie came the hit TV series. In Charlie's Angels, we follow three beautiful private investigators working in Los Angeles for the infamous (and faceless) Charlie. They use their cunning and charm to solve crimes all while wearing tight, high-waisted jeans and flaunting their fantastic, fluffy hair. It was the 70's after all. Best California TV Shows From bionicdisco

Full House (1987-1995)

Set in beautiful San Francisco, Full House is a genuine classic and truly one of the best California based TV shows. If you have watched reruns of this show you'll know the names Danny, Jesse, Joey, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. You may even recognize fashionistas Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who both played the youngest daughter Michelle. Best California TV Shows From Eonline

Saved By The Bell (1989-1993)

This classic California based TV show is the epitome of California with stars like Zack and Kelly always one step away from romance and the loveable Screech creating the perfect comedic relief in all of his geeky-ness. Best California TV Shows From brokeassstuart

Best California TV ShowsBaywatch (1989-2001)

Yet another perfect, though exaggerated, example of California life, Baywatch followed the lives of Los Angeles County Lifeguards on duty at the beach. Lasting for 11 seasons, this dramatization of lifeguard duties and their interpersonal relationships is sure to spark a memory from the past.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996)

Fans of Will Smith likely remember this sitcom from the 90's with its hip hop/rap intro by the man himself. Set in a Bel Air mansion, this show highlighted the elite side of Southern California. You've also likely found yourself dancing "The Carlton" at one point or another.  If not, do yourself a favor and watch this video. Best California TV Shows From Whatculture

Beverly Hills 90210 (1998-2000)

One of the newer, and most popular California based TV shows, Beverly Hills 90210 follows the path that Saved By The Bell laid out with the idea of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as twins Brandon and Brenda adjust to life in Beverly Hills. The show hits harder on some of the more difficult real-life issues that Saved By The Bell didn't address and had a long run of 10 seasons. Best California TV Shows From TheStudioTour Cover Photo from Pinterest

Are You Ready To Take A Leap With Us?

No need to look before you leap when it comes to the LEAP program. Located in Southern California, the LEAP Foundation is dedicated to helping high school and college aged students get a "7 year LEAP on success" into their future. Here at California Limited, we are excited to announce that a portion of our clothing line proceeds will be directed toward this amazing foundation to be put toward the amazing students of the LEAP Foundation!

LEAP Foundation

What the LEAP Foundation is all about

The LEAP Foundation motto pretty much says it all. They are about training students in strong leadership skills, helping them to excel in excellence within their chosen profession and individual life, and accelerating the potential of each individual. LEAP Foundation
Leadership. Excellence. Accelerating Potential.
LEAP is a non-profit organization that prioritizes the student, no matter what stage of life they are in. They even cater to recent graduates who may need direction toward the next steps after college.

Leadership Program at UCLA

LEAP accomplishes its three main goals through a fun and interactive week-long Leadership Program hosted at UCLA. This year, both the High School (grades 9–12) and Young Adult (18-24 year olds) Programs will be held July 27 to August 2 with both programs running at the same time. LEAP Foundation During this week, leaders in their field of expertise teach students the keys to success needed to leap ahead, whether that's personally or professionally. The priorities taught deal specifically with goal-setting, proper business practices, communication in an effective manner, and the benefits of having a strong mentor figure. LEAP Foundation Not only are popular and successful motivational speakers brought in to share with the students, but the programs are fun and interactive. Some past speakers include James Malinchak, Andy Thibodeau, and Jonathan Sprinkles.  Check out this great video from the LEAP website:

LEAP Foundation

A student who attends LEAP can look forward to gaining tools for "academic, professional, and personal success" as the LEAP website says. They have also highlighted a few areas that the program will instruct students in.

We picked a few to give you an idea, but the full list can be found here on their website.

  • Help in deciding a career path
  • Study tips and tricks
  • Learn how to be a leader
  • Financial wisdom
  • Gain knowledge on how to correctly approach an interview

LEAP Foundation

California Limited and LEAP

At California Limited, we believe in California dreamin' - not just as a song, but as a reality! Dreams can come true and we think that the LEAP Foundation is a great way to help High School and Young Adult students reach those dreams. We will donate a portion of the proceeds from our clothing sales to be a part of making those dreams come true.

Will you join us in making dreams a reality?

  All images used with permission from LEAP Foundation

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