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Top 5 Things to Do for an Ideal Visit to San Diego

San Diego Dreamin’

Experience San Diego and you will get to know California in a nutshell, as San Diego is the birthplace of the state. What’s fabulous about San Diego? America’s most amazing Zoo, USS Midway Museum where you can sit in the cockpit of a plane and talk to the veteran volunteers, beautiful beaches & romantic sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, mouthwatering seafood and Mexican cuisine and much more... See a list of the things you shouldn't miss when you go to San Diego.  

Point Loma: where you can get the best panoramic view of San Diego

…and watch a marvelous sunset over Pacific. You should take at least three hours for Point Loma, to enjoy the view of San Diego Bay, scout the small caves and enjoy the cool sea life – snails, crabs, fish, octopi mind their daily activities in tide pools. On your way to Point Loma, don’t forget about Cabrillo monument (honoring Cabrillo, discoverer of San Diego bay).  

USS Midway Museum: where you can fly like a pilot

… in a flight simulator, of course. After this cool, great experience you will get an idea about what pilots really do. You need at least four hours to enjoy this visit, as we know the real jets and airplanes you will walk into are quite impressive. After hearing real stories told by guides and volunteer veterans and seeing interesting exhibits and aircrafts from different years you’ll understand why Midway visit is a must.  

San Diego Zoo: because it is a Zoo like no other

Have you ever imagined that you can go o a safari in the middle of civilization? Well, at San Diego Zoo you can do it! You can meet and get a better understanding of giant pandas, koalas, cheetahs and other rare animals during a safari. Or you can opt for a classical visit at the Zoo, enjoy magic shows (like the Whale show) and discover a world-class botanical garden.  

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood: and you'll understand the full meaning of “scrumptious”

Whether you’re hungry or not, once you are there you’ll be craving for fresh seafood tacos, spicy shrimp tacos or the amazing octopus salad. When you are in La Jolla neighborhood, make sure you stop at 703 Turquoise St. and try a divine taco.  

Take a sunset cruise to seize the spirit of San Diego

San Diego’s strikingly beautiful skyline is best discovered while you sip a cocktail and listen to exquisite music. We recommend you to take an entertaining cruise, where dancing & dining add to breathtaking views of the city, taking close-up pictures of dolphins and sea-lions and, if you are brave enough, maybe even steering the boat!  

Useful tips:

- GoSanDiego Card gives you free admission to attractions, activities and tours and discounts to some restaurants. You can save up to 40% with this card.   - Don’t you just love those pictures with people standing on the edge of a “suspended” rock that looks like it will break? If you go to Potato Chip Rock and take a photo from the right angle you’ll have the memory of a lifetime. Looking like a chip (thus the name), the rock creates a spectacular optical illusion if photographed from a certain angle: you’ll be on top of the world, on a thin, suspended piece of rock that could break at any time.     Photo courtesy: swapnild, Jaganath Achari, Jan Wachtmeester

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