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Best Burgers in California

We've posted about In-N-Out and it's true, we do love their burgers, but we know they aren't the only burger place in California. We thought we'd welcome the coming of summer by compiling a list of the best burger places in California to get your mouth watering and to give you some possible road trip destinations.

Best Burgers in California

Etna Brewery, Etna

Enjoy a local brew and a fantastic burger at this Northern California local favorite. You can go old-school with a cheese burger or kick it up a notch with their well known Ortega Burger! Flickr by Zane Mulligan Flickr by Zane Mulligan

Burgers & Brew, Sacramento

Grab a brew. Grab a burger.  Grab some friends and head on over to Burgers & Brew in Sacramento. With award winning brews and burgers (we're talking Best Burger in Yolo county!), you can't go wrong. Flickr by Angelo DeSantis Flickr by Angelo DeSantis

Pearl's Deluxe Burgers, San Francisco

The Yelp enthusiasts dub Pearl's Deluxe burgers to have one of the best burgers in California! Check it out for yourself and see if you agree. Flickr by hermitsmoores Flickr by hermitsmoores

Super Duper Burgers, San Francisco

They boast "Fast food burgers, slow food values" and what could be better than that? Everything's all natural and a lot of what they offer is made right there in the shop. Hop on over and check it out. Flickr  by wEnDy Flickr by wEnDy

Zuni Cafe, San Francisco

Hidden amidst an impressive menu, you may not initially think of Zuni Cafe as a "burger place" but if what we're hearing is right, they offer an amazing (albeit high-end) burger! Flicker by Jason Hamner Flicker by Jason Hamner

Burger Lunge, Tahoe

Another Yelp reviewers favorite, this burger joint is the place to be this summer if you're in the Tahoe area. Make sure you come prepared to take your time selecting because they have an impressive lists of burgers to choose from. Flickr by Lauren Flickr by Lauren

Hook Burger Bistor, Southern California Locations

The minute you take a bike of a Hook burger, you're sure to be hooked ;) We also love that they support many different causes. This is an all-around great burger place and definitely a great addition to your summer list. Flickr by Doran Flickr by Doran

Get the Burger, Big Bear

This home-grown burger place is a classic and just what you need whether you're enjoying summer hiking and tanning at the lake or shredding the slopes in the winter! Flickr by Jennifer Flickr by Jennifer

Lucky's Tavern, Hollywood

Lucky's boasts "made from scratch - artisan burgers" and is a prime spot for great beer and great burgers! Burger-Diablo From Lucky's Tavern

Umami, San Francisco and Southern California

With the trademark "U" stamped onto the top of their buns, Umami is in a class all its own. With many locations in Southern California and the bay area, you have no excuse to avoid a satisfying and delicious trip to Umami soon (today maybe?). Flicker by Larry Flickr by Larry

The Father's Office, Los Angeles

This Gastropub created by Chef Sang Yoon features their most popular burger, the "Office Burger". It's also a great place for beer with an European influenced atmosphere. Good burger on a crunchy roll Flickr by Daremoshiranai

Stout, Los Angeles

Stout offers affordable burgers to discerning Los Angeles foodies. Make a trek to discover their amazing gruyere and blue cheese burger toppings among other additions that make these burgers delicious  and some of the best burgers in California. Flickr by Drew Hubbard-Ben Waters Flickr by Drew Hubbard-Ben Waters

Mom's Burgers, Compton

They aren't healthy, and maybe sometimes they look a little overwhelming, but Mom's Burgers will knock your socks off! They are a must-have! 5483050502_8868595926 From LA Weekly

Burger Boss, Riverside & Corona

With the option to order on line, natural ingredients, gluten free options, and so much more, how could we not put Burger Boss on a best burgers in California list? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Flickr by Gabriel Amadeus

Dave's Burgers, Long Beach

At 4.5 starts on Yelp, you know that Dave's Burgers is the place to be! It's small and out of the way, but definitely worth a stop if you're in the Long Beach area. l From Yelp by Louie B.

Rocky's Crown Pub, San Diego

The first thing you'll see on their website is this claim, " Welcome to Rocky's, home of the best burgers in San Diego" - couldn't get any clearer than that, could you? But their legend goes beyond just their website! Any local will tell you they've got what it takes to make the list of the best burgers in California! 9186611131_a9a2771712_k Flickr by Kirk K

Did we miss your favorite burger place? Tell us about it in the comments below!   Cover Photo from Flickr by James Source: Yelp, Thrillist, LA Weekly, We Be Trippin'

Top 6 Places to Eat in California

A great meal while you are on vacation can be a memorable experience. There are people who enjoy amazing views, fabulous museums and interesting historic objectives. And we meet just as many travelers who go back to a place just because they had a mind blowing culinary experience there. So we made a top of 6 best places to eat when you are in California useful for those of you who travel on a budget and for visitors who wish to have an exquisite, refined meal at a more expensive restaurant.

Where will you eat in California?

1. In-N-Out Burger  With amazing reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor and a tradition of more than 60 years, In-N-Out offers its visitor fresh, tasty, quality burgers. It all started in 1948, when Harry Snider introduced in California the first drive-thru hamburger stand. We’ve heard people who ate here hamburgers with grilled onion and extra lettuce saying that this is the place where they would have their last meal on Earth. Double hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, shakes – they have it all. And you can find an In-N-Out almost everywhere you go, as they have 216 restaurants in California.   2. Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles Source Chicken and waffles? What combination is this you might wonder. An extravagant and very delicious one, we assure you. Founded in 1975, it became so well-known that “people don’t even question the strange combo anymore” (Los Angeles Times). Long Beach, Hollywood, Pasadena, Los Angeles and Inglewood – you can try this perfect match of ingredients in any of these cities.   3. Pedro’s Tacos Source “World’s Best Tacos since 1986” they say. And thousands of people agree each and every year. Although it has faithful clients who go there for years in a row, some of them are so in love with fish tacos that they didn’t even get to try anything else from the menu. Open for the first time in San Clemente, Pedro’s Tacos now has locations in Fallbrook and Oceanside. Bean and cheese burritos, quesadilla, shrimp tacos – everything here is extraordinary.   4. Osteria Mozza Source Fine Italian dining at a restaurant with 2 Michelin stars. First of all, we could say that you haven’t really eaten pasta until you tried it at Osteria Mozza. It is not a surprise as the restaurant is owned by two passionate and renowned chefs and an Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional (recognized by James Beard Foundation and Bon Appétit). If you are in Los Angeles and wish to dine in a place where food, service and décor are perfect, we recommend you Osteria Mozza.   5. Manresa Source Inspired from European traditions and American cuisine, Chef-Proprietor David Kinch (who won Best Chef in America award) offers the best service and food to his clients. Experienced sommeliers pair the menu you choose with unique wines, in the magic ambiance created at the foothills of Santa Cruz Mountains (Los Gatos).   6. Kokkari Estiatorio Source The proud winner of the Traveler’s Choice award on Trip Advisor in 2012, Kokkari offers the best Greek food you can find outside Greece. Its visitor say that in ancient times, Gods used to eat the dishes you can nowadays find in Kokkari’s menu. The Mediterranean cuisine, the seafood, the traditional Aegean dishes and the design capturing the European old-world will make you come back as often as you can.     Have you been to eat in California and had a wonderful dining experience? Tell us about it!

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