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5 Great Ways To Celebrate Easter in Southern California

Easter is only a few short days away. You may find yourself entertaining guests but not having an idea of something fun to do. We all know that FUN isn't far when you're living in Southern California so take a look at these 5 ways to celebrate Easter with your family and friends.

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

Enjoy Easter Egg games on the beach. Take a look at this list of fun egg games we've compiled. Easter Celebration Flickr-tina negus
  • Classic Easter Egg Hunt - maybe not for the beach (unless you want to bury them like hidden treasure) but a good way to keep things fair in larger families is to designate an egg color to each child!
  • Spinning Egg Fight - This is a hilarious game for the whole family. Take a knee-high nylon and drop an egg into the bottom then pull the nylon down over each competitors head. Have them face off and "fight" by trying to twist nylons. Whoever pulls the other persons nylon off first wins (or whoever's egg doesn't break).
  • Egg Toss - Partners pair off and face each other taking a step back after each completed throw. The pair that is furthers apart wins!
  • Egg on a Spoon Race - Place eggs on spoons and run a relay without dropping the egg!
Easter Celebration From PInterest

The Amazing [Easter] Race

Go to the park and create "The Amazing Race" for your family. With a little careful planning you can involve everyone from children to grandparents in different legs of this race. Checkout Pinterest from some great ideas!

Brunch, anyone?

Do a "Brunch from around the world". It's easy to get sucked into the usual meals during any holiday and Easter is no exception. Try something new this year with an around the world brunch. Assign each relative a country and a specific dish and see what they come up with. Ask them to explain part of the history of their dish if they can find it. Easter Celebration Flickr- last-s*it

Staycation...Kind Of

Take a Mini-Vacation or Day Trip to somewhere you haven't been (or been to in a while). Sunday afternoon is a great time to do a little exploring. Try taking a hike or visiting a museum (make sure and check the hours of operation) or even go out to dinner in another town near by. Sometimes a little time away can be as refreshing as a whole week of vacation.

Camping in Comfort

Sometimes, leaving the comforts of home to experience the great outdoors is just too much of a hassle - especially when you are past your Spring Break days off of school.  To liven up a short weekend with a little bit of outdoor fun, we recommend a back yard camping party. Roast marshmallows, put up a tent (or sleep out under the starts), and enjoy all the comforts of home.
The beauty in this activity is that you experience all the fun of camping without the fuss of packing!
Easter Celebration Flickr-Karl-Petter Åkesson These activities are fun and can give you ideas that may spark your creativity, but really it's not so much about the activities as it is about the people you share them with. Take some time this Easter to enjoy being with your family and friends. A great way to spark some conversation is to go around the table at dinner and ask for one favorite memory from each family member. This can be sentimental as well as hilarious depending on what type of memories are shared. Either way, we wish you a happy Easter filled with lots of fun and beautiful California sunshine!  Cover photo by Bahman Farzad

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