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10 Items Every California Girl NEEDS

When it comes to summer, there are a few things every California girl needs!

California Girl Necessities

Perfect sunglasses

Here in the Golden State we love our shades. They're not only extremely helpful in shading our eyes from the bright, beautiful sunshine, but they are an extension of our fashion. Whether you like dark rims, bright colors, or cool aviators, owning the perfect sunglasses is a must! 40_1024x1024 See - even our cute California Limited bear *loves* her sunglasses!


In the summer the best form of transportation is a trusty, 2-wheeled beauty. That's right. Every California girl needs a great bike that will get her from point A to point B ,and everywhere in between. With a bike you get three major benefits:
  1. Eco-friendly - no gas fumes here!
  2. No parking necessary - the ease of riding a bike is that you don't have to scramble to find parking.
  3. Exercise - a great way to stay in shape over the summer.
Screen_Shot_2014-06-18_at_9.22.00_AM_1024x1024 Pair a cutie flannel and one of our tee's for your next evening summer ride.


Whether picked from a garden or given to you by someone special, every California girl needs flowers once in a while. The popular saying, "stop and smell the roses" can apply here too. If you don't have time to take a minute to admire beautiful flowers, then you've got too much going on. Pair down on your commitments, take some time to visit the beach, and enjoy a "no worries", California moment. 20_1024x1024 This California Grown tank is a great way to showcase your California flower love <3

Beach-friendly hair

Let's face it, ladies. Beach-friendly hair is a must! It doesn't have to be short to withstand the sand and the waves, but you do need to have a plan to take care of it. Make sure your hair products are good quality and you'll be good to go! Screen_Shot_2014-06-18_at_9.39.53_AM_1024x1024 We love a good ombre almost as much as we love this California Dreamin' tank!


Lace Shorts

The best way to be cool and feminine all in one. Lace shorts are a must for every California girl and are the perfect, relaxed yet dressy accent for all occasions. You can wear them casual or dress them up, but either way make sure you've got yours for this summer! Screen_shot_2014-06-10_at_7.39.54_AM_1024x1024 These lacey-beauties pair perfectly with our California Grown Zip up Sweatshirt.

A killer jean jacket

Every California girl can use a killer jean jacket. No matter if its dark wash, faded, or acid wash, the perfect jean jacket will go with everything from dresses to jeans, lace to tank tops. Make sure the style you pick is unique to your tastes, not your besties, and rock that baby wherever you want! Screen_Shot_2014-06-18_at_9.22.14_AM_1024x1024 ^The perfect tank/jean jacket combo!!!

All the right accessories

Never overlook your accessories! Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, hats, or even a great handbag can accentuate your individual style. gold2_1024x1024 Show your Cali-love and accessorize with this delicate California Outline necklace! Every California girl can use accessories to help complete a look in a way that only they could pull together. Screen_shot_2014-06-10_at_9.35.46_AM_1024x1024 Great use of a delicate gold bracelet with this beach-style "Golden California" poncho.

Great Friends

A must-have for California girls (and girls everywhere) are great friends! We're talking about the kind of friend who you can call up at any hour of the day. The friend who will always tell you the truth about your outfit choices. The friend who will laugh with you and at you because she knows you're laughing too. Screen_shot_2014-06-10_at_9.40.45_AM_1024x1024 Best friends. Long boards. California Limited tanks and tee's. What more do you need?


Luckily, California has this need in abundance. Soak it up, but don't forget the sunscreen! Screen_Shot_2014-06-18_at_9.22.45_AM_1024x1024 Catch your dreams and some sunshine with this Cali Bear Dream catcher Flowy Tee!


Every California girl NEEDS her dreams. Dreams for things big and small. Ladies, what are your dreams? 2_1024x1024 "The Future Belongs to the Dreamer" tank is just what we Cali girls NEED to remind us to *always* dream.

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