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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo In Style

May 5th may be a Monday, but that doesn't have to stop you from celebrating Cinco de Mayo in style this year!  

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Celebration Flickr - --Mark--

The History of Cinco de Mayo

The mistake most people make regarding Cinco de Mayo is to think that it is a celebration for Mexico's independence. In fact, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory (over the French) of the Battle of Puebla which happened on - you guessed it - May 5 in 1862. Crazy to think we're still celebrating a battle won over 150 years ago! Cincio de Mayo Celebration Flickr - San Diego City College So, why do we still celebrate it? That fact remains to be seen because, in most of Mexico, Cinco de Mayo celebrations aren't typical. Here in America (especially California) we don't need a good reason for a party though, so celebrate on!

Throw A Traditional Party


Like this colorful street in Mexico, a great way to get your Cinco de Mayo celebration off the ground is with some authentic (or close enough) flags. You can find them at local party supply stores or you can make your own. This is a great activity to get your children in on by having them cut out snowflake-like designs on rectangular pieces of paper. Cinco de Mayo Celebration Flickr - Alan

Drinks & Food

Really, what is a good party with out the food? This is a great time to get a little fancy by trying out new recipes or, if you aren't a fan of cooking, to cater through your favorite Mexican restaurant. Suggested traditional Mexican foods and drinks for Cinco de Mayo are:
  • Tamales
  • Chiles Rellenos
  • Mole Sauce
  • Authentic Mexican tortillas
  • Home made chips
  • Home made Pico de gallo
  • Margaritas
  • Horchata
Find more recipes here. Cinco de Mayo Celebration Flickr - Debora is Lola

Activities & Gifts

When throwing a great party, having games planned in advance (even if you don't end up playing them) can make the difference between a boring party and something your friends will be talking about for the next six months. Try your local party supply store or check out Amazon for some great gift ideas that you can send your guests home with to remember your memorable and stylish Cinco de Mayo celebration. Cinco de Mayo Celebration Flickr - Darla Dietz Toss up a piñata - the kids (and let's be honest, the adults too) will love it! Cinco de Mayo Celebration Flickr-giveawayboy Get the family together and visit a traditional Mexican celebration. Check your local news website for celebrations near you. Cinco de Mayo Celebration Flickr - Bisayan lady

 The Sounds of Cinco de Mayo

Last, but definitely not least, the music of the event must be traditional. For some of you who like to spare no expense, that means hiring your very own mariachi band! For the rest of us, that means picking the right Pandora station to set the mood. Either way, you better be blaring the rhythmic guitar and blaring trumpet sound that mariachi bands are best known for! Cinco de Mayo Celebration Flickr - oklanica

Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? If so, let us know in the comments below what you do to make it special!

  Source: WikiHow,, Cover Photo: Flickr - --Mark--

Seen it? Visit it! Best California Movie Locations To Visit

Do you love watching movies? Take a look below at the movie and location lists and plan a vacation (or day trip) to these amazing locations. Bring a camera and may the adventure begin.

By The Movie

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Riding on the coattails of Marvels Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is often shot on location in Southern California in places like Culver City, near Chinatown in L.A., Thousand Oaks, and Malibu. Check out this great site for a list of locations and maps. ag1.pngw544h305 From schmoesknow


Though most of this hilarious detective show was filmed in Vancouver B.C. some of the beach scenes were shot in Santa Maria, Ca.  Check out this article about the filming and location. psych From crimespreemag


Where the past meets the present. The original TRON and the newer (2010) version used the same building, Flynn's located on the corner of Culver/Washington Blvd and Watseka Ave. You can visit it today! Tron-FlynnsArcade1 From Seeing-Stars


This mind-bending movie may be far from being understood, but it's not too far to visit if you live in Los Angeles! Take a trip to 727 Wilshire Blvd to see where this was filmed: Inception From Seeing-Stars Or visit the Creative Artists Agency located in Century City, Los Angeles where some of the film was shot. Inception From Elektrodaily

Mrs. Doubtfire

And oldie, but a goodie. This classic movie featuring Robin Williams was filmed in San Francisco. MrsDoubtfire From Live For Films

X-Men: The Last Stand

Another San Francisco view in this action thriller. Movies_Films_X_X-Men_The_Last_Stand_010765_-1- From Marvel Films

The Princess Diaries

Portions of this movie were filmed in front of the Doheny Mansion located in Chester Place, Los Angeles. Boy has Anne Hathaway grown up! The-Princess-Diaries-full-movie-the-princess-diaries-7483974-544-288 From FanPop **Find an extensive list of movie locations in California here.

Location Location Location

The Biltmore

The scene for movies like Rocky II, Beverly Hills Cop, Wedding Crashers, Ghostbusters and more, the Biltmore is the perfect backdrop for cinematic beauty. Biltmore Hotel Flickr-Roger


There is always some type of action taking place in Chinatown. The same is true for many movies shot in this sweet location, like Lethal Weapon 4, Rush Hour. Chinatown Los Angeles Flickr - Michael Locke

Griffith Observatory

From episodes of MacGuyver to movies like Rebel Without A Cause and The Terminator, the Griffith Observatory is popular for movie locations. It's also a fantastic place to visit, so 'kill two birds with one stone' by visiting this amazing location. Griffith Observatory Flickr - Corey Dorsey

Santa Monica Pier

Popular not only for films that have been shot here, but for the fun atmosphere and theme park located on the pier, Santa Monica has the perfect vibe for movies. Some features you may recognize are Forrest Gump, Beverly Hills Cop III, The Sting. Santa Monica Pier Flickr - Beau Rogers

Union Station

Union Station is the place to go! The fun, hustle and bustle atmosphere adds to charm and you're sure to recognize it from movies like Pearl Harbor, Speed, Star Trek: First Contact, and The Italian Job among others. Union Station From E.A. Creative Photography

Vasquez Rocks

These are more than just rock formations, they are iconic in film history! You may recognize them from movies like Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, The Flintstones (movie), The Scorpion King, and Short Circuit. They are also a very popular place to hike and for photographers to do fun sessions at. Check out the park, you won't regret it. Trust us, it rocks ;) Vasquez Rocks Flickr-Jim     Sources: Seeing Stars, Go California, Movie Locations Cover Photo: Flickr - When I Was A Bird

CA Limited is Partnering With The Newport Beach Film Festival. Are you In?

The Newport Beach Film Festival is recognized as one of the leading film festivals in the United States. We here at California Limited have the distinct honor of partnering with them for this year's 15th annual festival during the Korean Spotlight celebration on Monday, April 28th at the Edwards Big Newport. The evening event will highlight Korean cinema and culture and will feature the Regional Premier of Cold Eyes (Gamshljadeul) (Korea, 2013). This fun event will be followed up by a post-screening celebration at Jaguar/Land Rover dealership in Newport Beach. Newport Beach Film Festival From Pinterest via

About the Newport Beach Film Festival

This festival, a well-known multicultural event, attracts over 53,000 people streaming in to Southern California from places all over the U.S. The Newport Beach Film Festival holds the foreign film industry in high regard and seeks to inform the public of the best foreign movies made not only for entertainment sake, but for cultural awareness as well. The films you'll see at the festival, which runs from April 24 to May 1, will represent a wide range of independent and studio produced films. Attending this prestigious film festival includes various actives ranging from red carpet galas and fashion shows to live music performances and industry seminars not to mention screenings of over 300 films from around the world. This is a must do event for anyone who enjoys films and a good time!

Cold Eyes at The Newport Beach Film Festival

Newport Beach Film Festival Cold Eyes From Newport Beach Film Festival Website

This is an event you will not want to miss! The screening of  Cold Eyes, a top box-office hit in Korea, is a remake of the popular Eye in the Sky (Hong Kong) and is the story of an elite police unit that, through diligent surveillance and cunning intuition, apprehends a dangerous leader known for involvement in a string of robberies. Set in Seoul, this fast-paced, action packed movie directed by Cho Ui-seok and Kim Byung-seo will thrill you with the details of tracking down high-profile, dangerous criminals. This thriller stars Park Bo-Young, Song Joong-Ki.

As Gregg Schwenk, CEO of the Newport Beach Film Festival says, "The Festival continues a proud tradition of presenting the very best in Korean Cinema. Cold Eyes is a sleek action-thriller. Strong direction and great acting make this a must see for 2014."

The Details

The screening will take place on Monday April 28, 2014 at 7:30pm. Following this event, there will be a post-screening celebration that will include an hosted bar by Tito's Vodka and Stella Artois Beer. In addition to great drinks, there will be food from various, popular restaurants from Orange County who will serve tastings of some of their signature dishes. This event is supported by the Korea Boo, Asians on Film, Korea Times, and the Consulate General of Korea in Los Angels. Newport Beach Film Festival Cold Eyes From Pencurimovie If you're planning on attending the Korean Spotlight, admission is only $40 which includes entrances to the post-screening party! If you'd rather just see the film it will cost you $18 while entrance to the party only will be $30. We think it's totally worth it to go for both! Head over to to purchase your tickets today. This is an event you are sure to enjoy . You can also check out this trailer for Cold Eyes here. Cover Photo from Newport Beach Film Festival Website

Central California Festivals for 2014

Planning out your spring break? Thinking of switching up your summer vacation this year? Well, you're in luck! This list of Central California Festivals for 2014 is the best of the best! We've listed anything and everything from the popular Apple Blossom Festival in Sebastopool to the state-wide event of the California State Fair in Sacramento. This list is great for weekend getaways or day trips. If you plan it right, you may be able to fit in several Central California Festivals before the end of the year. But first, if you're wondering what all the hype about festivals is, check out these these three reasons why you should attend one.

Don't miss out: attend a Central California Festival and find...

Fun handcrafted items that are great for gifts.

Handmade bags from Central California Festivals From - San Francisco Citizen

Amazing live music and entertainment.

Music at Centeral California Festiva From - San Francisco Citizen

Great food - and lots of it. (Sometimes it's free too!)

Central California Festival Food Flickr-The Food Film Festival Have we helped you make up your mind? See the list below and mark your calendars! Take note of festivals with free admission if you're looking for budge-friendly options.

Central California Festivals

April 4-5 | 46th Annual Bockbierfest in Sacramento: Enjoy an authentic German experience with traditional German dancing,  food, bock bier, wine, and live Polka music. Festival includes children's actives and crafts. Admission is $20/day and $5 for children. April 12-13 | Apple Blossom Festival in Sebastopool:  Live music and fun for the whole family, the Apple Blossom Festival has it all. Admission is $10. Central California Festivals Flickr-David Yu April 12-14 & April 19-20 | Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco: If you couldn't make it to the Apple Blossom Festival, stop by the Cherry Blossom Festival which is said to be the second largest Cherry Blossom Festival apart from the one in Washington, D.C. Central California Festival Chocolate Honolulu Magazine May 17-18 | Oakdale Chocolate Festival in Oakdale: Seriously, who could pass up a chocolate festival? Nothing better than chocolate, live music, and a fun festival atmosphere. Admission $4 if you register by May 15. May 24 | Santa Cruz Blues Festival: Did If you love Blues or just live music in general, this festival is for you! Check out their website for a lineup of artists. Admission ranges between $25 to $190 depending on what you want to see. May 24-25 | Strawberry Festival in Arroyo Grande: This strawberry festival is one of the largest in California and features ethnic foods, booths filled with arts and crafts, and all things strawberry-related. Visit the website for admission information coming in May. Union Street Festival From - San Francisco Citizen June 7-8 | Union Street Festival in San Francisco: This event spans six blocks and offers a different "world" for each block (like Fashion World or Tech World). Make sure and purchase tasting tickets online before hand and come hungry! Admission is free. July 11-27 | California State Fair in Sacramento: Experience the California State Fair with food, fun, and activities for the whole family. Admission is $12 and ride tickets are available for purchase online. July 19-20 | Gloria Ferrer Caves and Vineyards 22nd Annual Catalan Festival in Sonoma: Enjoy Spanish food and wine, live classical guitar music, and flamenco dancing among other entertainment in the Spanish tradition. Admission is $65 and tickets can be purchased online. August 30-31 | Whisky Live at the Games in San Francisco: Are you a whisky connoisseur? Join the this Central California festival and enjoy the best whiskies from around the world. Admission not yet announced. Did we miss your favorite Central California festival? Comment below and fill us in! Do you live in Northern California? Check out our list of Northern California Festivals for 2014. Cover photo from Flickr-beppesabatini

Northern California Festivals for 2014

This list of Northern California Festivals for 2014 can help you plan out your Spring Break and summer plans. Whether you like trying new foods or exploring local arts and crafts booths, these festivals will give you a vast range of options to choose from.Northern California Festivials Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival

Northern California Festivals

April 12 | Banff Street Festival in Redding: This Street Fair has it all: rock climbing, outdoor recreation groups, local outfitters, and various vendors all out on the streets in front of the Cascade Theatre where the Banff Mountain Film Festival is held. Admission is free. April 19 | California Nut Festival in Chico: Go nuts for the California Nut Festival! This Northern California festival is perfect for foodies of all kinds with food and beverage tastings. Admission is $25 in advance (online) or $30 at the door. May 31 - June 1 | Summer Arts & Music Festival in Benbow: This arts and music festival, located among the beautiful California Redwoods, is the perfect weekend getaway. Camp nearby and enjoy great music, food, and local crafts.   Admission is $15 a day or $25 for both days. May 15-16 | Arts Festival in Arcata: Hosted during Humboldt State's graduation week, this is the perfect festival to attend as a new graduate! It features art exhibits, local crafts, and food provided by local businesses. Admission is $10 for adults $5 for kids with free parking. Northern California Festivials Flickr-Daphne June 6 | Oyster Festival in Arcata: Love Oysters? Then you have to check out this festival that's ranked seventh out of the top ten food festivals in the world. That's saying a lot of this small town in Northern California! There is lot to see and do during this festival so make sure to check out their sweet website. Admission is free. Oyster Festival Oyster Festival June 15 |Fish Festival in Trinidad: Ever wanted to go inside a real lighthouse? Attend the Fish Festival in Trinidad and you can! You'll also be able to eat all the fish you can at discount prices! Admission is free. June 14-August 3 |  Lavender Farms in Mt. Shasta: Rows upon rows of beautiful lavender, lavender products, and a scent you'll never want to leave! Not quite a festival but something you'll definitely want to plan on seeing if you're in Northern California. Northern California Festivials Flickr-slicedgeek July 4-6 | Artisan Market and Street Fair Mt. Shasta: Every 4th of July Mount Shasta hosts a walk/run celebration and parade coupled with a Street Fair the rest of the weekend. Plan your visit to walk or run in the morning enjoying live music and vendor goodies and then visit the Street Fair after. Admission to the Street Fair is free. Check out the Mountain Runners website for registration info for the walk/run. July 26-27 | Westhaven Blackberry Festival in Trinidad: Pick up some blackberry jam or a pie while enjoying live music. Or you can enjoy a hamburger at this even to benefit the Westhaven Volunteer Fire Department.  September 20-21 | Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival in Guerneville: Admission is $50 with two day passes available for $80. Find events you're interested in? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below! Source: California's Redwood Coast Events Cover Photo from Flirckr-Humbolt Sate University

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