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The Most Unique Foods You Will Find in California

The Most Unique Foods You Will Find in California

The Most Unique Foods You Will Find in California

1.) Chinatown Specialties

You may think you have heard of pretty much everything when it comes to food. Especially if you’re a diehard foodie – but have you seen the culinary oddities that can only be found deep in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown? Chinese delicacies like dried lizards on a stick, chocolate covered ants, fried scorpions, and not so strange foods like Vietnamese Pho are all some of the unique foods you can sample in Chinatown. With all of the cultural diversity, Chinatown is an exciting food experience all around – and VERY unique.

2.) Acai Bowls

Most of us have heard of the acai berry and all of the fantastic healthful properties it contains. Antioxidant rich, it’s benefits have created a health food craze throughout the country. So how is this food unique to California you ask? Well you see, California has found a way to take this incredible health food and create a healthy breakfast smoothie bowl packed with nutrient rich foods. Picture this – a layer of tropical acai berry smoothie, topped with oatmeal, fruit, nuts and seeds. Soothe your sweet tooth and enjoy a breakfast that is sure to start your morning off right. Yum!

3.) Green Smoothies

Ahhh…juicing. Sure, this one isn’t uncommon, but where you get viewed as a health freak in other parts of the country, Californians won’t even bat an eyelash. This frosty beverage is refreshing, energizing, and full of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Green smoothies are totally cool here. In fact, they may welcome you to the green drink club with open arms.

4.) Cactus Cooler

For those of you sitting here reading this asking, “what the heck is a cactus cooler?”, it’s a soda, soft drink, a pop for you Midwesterners. This orange-pineapple flavored carbonated beverage is a staple to southern Californians.

5.) See’s Candies

Hard to find in most other states, See’s Candies is quite available in Cali. In fact, you are very likely to see a See’s Candies shop in most malls. From gourmet lollipops to delectable chocolates, See’s has something for every sweet tooth.

6.) Boba

Boba, also known as bubble tea, is an Asian tea infused with fruit and topped with tapioca pearls, sometimes mixed with milk to achieve a milkshake consistency – a healthy alternative to the American version. California seems to see the potential in these unique health foods first -and so the trends begin.

7.) Umami Burgers

A fusion of American and Asian style cuisine, Umami Burgers in California creates gourmet burgers with a twist. Beef patties, cheese, and tempura fried veggies take on a diverse multitude of flavors when topped with ingredients like fried eggs, greens, seafood, and special sauces. These burgers are truly a California phenomenon. So. Good.

8.) Matcha Green Tea Latte

While lattes are certainly not unique in their own respect, this matcha green tea latte from Urth Café must be pretty darn good. It was one of the highest-ranking Instagram pictures of tea ever. The baristas at Urth Café not only make a mean cup of tea, they also leave cute little cream birds and leaves frothed on the top of your cup.

9.) The Bambu Special

The Bambu special found at Bambu Desserts and Drinks in San Francisco is made from coconut juice, with longan, basil seed, coconut meat, and pandan jelly. The presentation is layered and super artsy. Very unique and definitely something worth trying if you’re in the area.

10.) Year-Round Farmer’s Markets

Sigh…Sunny California. While the rest of the US is trudging through snow, smothered by cloudy days, and daydreaming of sunshine, California is basking in the glow. Year-round farmer’s markets are plentiful in the great state of California and you’ll be pleased to find seasonal veggies at an affordable cost, ripe and totally satisfying.

Ballin' on a Budget: Los Angeles

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